Maintenance and Servicing

Smoke ventilation systems save lives. Natural, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems must adhere to current regulations. Each site requires a preventative maintenance schedule carried out only by a certified engineer.

To prevent the vents from failing over time, smoke vent systems need on-going maintenance.

Carrying out routine maintenance can provide significant cost savings, as preventative upkeep can allow systems to run more efficiently for longer, and inspections can identify issues before they can develop into costly system failures. 

It makes sense to have an expert regularly check and maintain your smoke vent systems.

We provide a range of maintenance contracts, designed to fulfil your most critical requirements in both technical and economic terms.

These include:

  • 6/12 monthly scheduled preventative maintenance visits

  • 24/7 emergency call out facility

  • Flexible out of hours preventative maintenance visits facility

  • Technical support
  • Priority treatment for any repairs

  • 24/7 CALL OUTS - 07947 869468


Don't put off maintaining this vital part of your fire safety system.

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